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As a reputed concrete and masonry contractor in Moorpark, we have a lot to deliver. If you came here looking for an easy solution to your hardscaping needs, we could totally be of great help. People often get busy decking up the interiors and leave the landscape without a nice touch-up. Because of this mistake, the property is exposed to various natural forces and daily wear and tear, reducing the property’s longevity. But we are sure you won’t make such an error.

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Concrete Services

As you are already aware, concrete is the most widely used material in construction. We have a long list of concrete services, but here we are mentioning just a few to give you a brief idea. 

Pool Deck

A concrete pool deck can add an aesthetic touch to your property. Concrete nowadays has a lot of colors and designs available, and you can choose one that goes well with your house. A concrete deck is highly durable, sturdy, heat resistant, and at the same time, very much cost-effective. When you hire us for your project, we will also install a cool deck or a Kool deck for your pool area, to ensure great quality and longevity. 


To maintain a pretty-looking hardscape, building a concrete sidewalk is a viable option. You can get any design you want without burning a hole in your pocket.


To build the perfect patio, just the way you had imagined, all you need is the perfect contractor. We will style it, design it, and build it so that your guests envy your patio. Concrete provides durability, and when you opt for decorative concrete, you can simulate the looks of flagstones, marble, tiles, etc. 


Driving on a smooth, well-constructed driveway is a mind-blowing experience. The driveway also needs to look great, to stay in sync with the overall look of your house. Hire to get the best services at an affordable price for your project!

Concrete Pavers

Pavers are an excellent choice for covering the outdoor surfaces of your household. Concrete pavers are installed with special interlocking technology to ensure that the individual units stay in place. They protect your surface from external forces, and also make your landscape look more polished.


A concrete countertop is great at enduring heat and extreme pressure. Hence it’s suitable for a busy commercial kitchen, as well as a domestic kitchen. Concrete countertops last really long, and also look beautiful, to say the least. 

At Moorpark Concrete Pros, we also offer concrete pouring, concrete resurfacing, concrete pumping, building concrete walls, retaining walls, installing decorative concrete, stained concrete, etc.

Masonry Services

Our services expand beyond concrete works. We are highly skilled at dealing with brick masonry and stone masonry. So if you need a bricklayer or are planning to build a wall, fireplace, patio, sidewalk, driveways, etc., you can also choose brick or stone for your project. We install brick and stone pavers as well. Bricks offer a very nice rustic finish, whereas stones provide a luxurious touch to your hardscape. In case you cannot decide which material would suit the best for you, our experts can assist you.

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Why Hire Us? 

We take pride in our services, as well as our customer satisfaction rate. We are a group of enthusiastic masons and concrete craftsmen who strive hard to plan, design, and build the most beautiful concrete structures for your household. We don’t stop at just creating a strong structure. We have a keen eye for aesthetics, and we ensure that your project looks visually appealing, too, besides being resilient and long-lasting. Employing inexperienced concrete contractors can totally ruin your project, so you must go for renowned professionals like us, who will execute the project with perfection.

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