Oxnard Brick Masonry

An image of brick masonry in Oxnard.

Brick masonry is an art that mason used to lay bricks in mortar is a systematic way so that the structure thus constructed absorbs the pressure or external forces. The single units of bricks are laid in stretches to the desired height and width. Brick masonry is a long-lasting form of construction. 

The desired wall or any structure is achieved by placing bricks in mortar. As a top brick masonry, Oxnard Concrete Pros uses various types of bricks and mortar to construct brick masonry.

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Why Use Brick Masonry?

A single unit of brick is very small and cannot bear loads. It becomes useful when many single units of bricks are placed together using mortar to fill joints between each brick. The durability and performance of the masonry structure depend on how well mortar is mixed and placed. It requires experience and ability to the job well without leaving any scope for mistakes. If the masonry structure is not strong or durable, it will not serve its purpose and will be blown away with a minor disturbance. 

It can only be done by professionals to construct a strong and durable brick masonry so that you can enjoy it for decades. Brick masonry can be used for many purposes in your home, and if you have any requirement, call us to fix an appointment with Oxnard Concrete Pros. There are different kinds of bricks used in masonry, and we will accurately suggest the right type for your need. 

Type of Bricks Used in Brick Masonry

Concrete bricks, sand-lime bricks, burnt clay bricks, fly ash clay bricks, engineering bricks, etc. are some different types of bricks used by construction contractors. Brick masonry is impossible without the use of various materials and equipment, and as professionals, we are equipped with the required essentials. Brick masonry contractors use mortar mix, tape measure, hammer, hose, level, trowel level, wheelbarrow, jointer, goggles, etc. to perform the job of brick masonry. 

Brick Masonry Construction Process

It is a lengthy and detailed procedure where our workforce performs the task patiently to achieve the desired result. We blend the mortar with water to form a smooth and plastic mortar which we place on the foundation line evenly using a trowel. Then we start laying the bricks one line at a time. 

To start with the placing of 2nd line of bricks, we apply mortar at the end of the first line and repeat the same until we reach the desired height. We squeeze out the extra mortar to level the texture. We put bricks on each line technically to strengthen the structure. The supervisor makes sure that the bricks are of good quality, brick courses are horizontal, regular curing of brick mason for the required time, etc. 

Brick masonry uses both clay and cement as mortar, and they have different applications. For a low-level wall up to a height of 4 m, mud is used to fill up joints. It is relatively cheaper than using cement mortar. An experienced bricklayer like Oxnard Concrete Pros knows how to construct strong and tall brick walls.

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