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If you are thinking of having retaining walls around your property, a patio, pool deck, or any part of your house with bricks, then consider having to hire a team of brick experts. Oxnard Pro Concrete has skilled individuals working for these types of masonry projects. We have bricklayers who can expertly layout bricks, pre-cut stone, and concrete blocks. Our bricklayer can also construct, extend, and repair buildings and other structures. Our team of bricklayers is certified and has been engaged in bricklaying, allowing them to see and touch what they have created.

Our bricklayer has worked on various projects which deal significantly with blocks, bricks, and clay. They are experienced craftsmen who are in charge of doing brickworks by laying bricks and blocks with the right mortar mix. The jobs they have completed include patios, pool decks, fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, chimneys, walls, and more.

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What Other Jobs Do Our Bricklayers Hold?

Besides laying out bricks, blocks, and clay bricks, our bricklayers can also analyze and work from the agreed plans and specs. They can likewise seal foundations using damp-resistant materials. They can also repair and maintain clay bricks, blocks, and other brick related structures. As experts in their field, they are taught how to operate a piece of associated tools and equipment like our brick-cutting machine. Calculate and know how to measure accurately. Lastly, the layout layers of mortar which would serve as foundation and binder for bricks in row. They can do lots of work when asked from them, ask us what you need, and we will provide you with our options.

Masons or Bricklayer? What Exactly Do I Need for My Construction?

To give you an idea, a mason deals mainly with construction involving stone, marble, and other similar construction materials. At the same time, a bricklayer works primarily on projects using clay or concrete bricks. So you see, the skill set is quite different. They have different techniques as they use different types of materials. To the untrained, the use of these two job titles is usually interchanged. But that is okay, and we know what you mean. Just call us, and we will provide you with an estimate. Our consultation is free, and we will not force you to make any decision.

Bricklayers, as a job, may sound lower than your usual masons, but our bricklayers have undergone numerous specialized training to make them more adept in handling bricks and blocks. They are equipped with the latest in the industry to make them more competent and, at the same time, knowledgeable in their chosen line of work.

Please get to know more about how our bricklayers can change the texture and façade of your property by connecting with us.

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