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Some property owners prefer to have their patio poured with cement, and they are cement purists who love plain concrete’s look. And while there is nothing wrong with this, the flagstone patio has much better appeal visually. Contractors like Oxnard Pro Concrete know precisely how to maximize the use of flagstone on your patio, pool deck, outdoor kitchen, driveway, walkways, walls, and more. We are seasoned and experienced in this kind of project that constructing a patio made with flagstone can turn your concrete poured patio into a stunning backyard getaway.

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A flagstone patio will complement the materials and the architectural structure of the property if you happen to own older homes. It will match perfectly with your residence as compared to plain concrete. Oxnard Pro Concrete can design and install any Oxnard flagstone patio regardless of the size, shape, and pattern. Our crew and workers have installed patios and walkways for lots of homeowners and businesses all over the area. Chances are, you have walked some of our projects without you knowing it.

What are the Types of Flagstones that We Have Used in Our Projects:

There are several types of flagstones, and each differs in terms of size, color, texture, and uses. Here are some of the flagstones available.


It is the most used rock for many patios. It is the most ideal since it is easy to chisel and shape, and is also very affordable. Its color ranges from gray, green, copper, and silver. For stain resistance and to minimize efflorescence, a tight-sealing is needed.


This type of flagstone is a sedimentary rock formed by layers of sand and comes in pastels to beige, red, and gold. It is porous and permeable, allowing a freeze and thaw climate to split it or crack.


A metamorphosed rock that has a smooth and glossy fa├žade. It comes in a range of colors. It is suited for areas where weather or elements can do a lot of damage. And thanks to its rough-textured surface, Quartzite is almost slip-proof.


Actually, the color is Blue-gray, and this flagstone has a flat and rough texture. It can hold well in cold weather but needs sealing to prevent it from fading, and protect it from scratches and stains.


Another type of flagstone that is very common is limestone. It is made of calcite and comes in natural color. It is very durable and can combat any weather.


This compacted limestone has a weathered look and pitted holes all over. It can come in brown, tan, and bluish-gray hues. And just like limestone, Travertine is very durable. However, its toughness is also its weakness, as this proves to be harder to work with.


A volcanic flagstone rock. This type of stone comes in gray, beige, and black. When used for the first time, the result can be astonishing but needs to be maintained frequently as this can dull over time.

Let the Professional Handle your Flagstone Patio.

You may have seen many infomercials on TV where they can show you how to install flagstones on your patio, pool decks, outdoor kitchen, driveways, etc. It lets you believe how easy it can be, but the sad truth is, it is not. Oxnard Patio Concrete has fixed, installed, and designed lots of patios of different designs, materials, and sizes. We know how overwhelming the entire process can be. And if you indeed can finish the project by yourself, the integrity might be questionable. You may end up spending more.

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